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Experienced and fully licenced investigators in legal matters

Pace Henley Investigation Services are legal private investigators who have, for many years, been utilised by leading barristers and solicitors in Perth to assist in a wide range of legal matters. For law firms to effectively defend clients or defend clients they require comprehensive evidence and information to ensure strong cases, which is where we come in.

As law firm investigators we need to provide our clients with admissible evidence and information pertaining to a variety of legal sectors. Our investigators have vast experience working in association with barristers and solicitors in the following areas:

  • Criminal law
  • Corporate Law
  • Family law
  • Wills and deceased estates
  • Patent law


Brad (Director of Pace Henley) is a legal private detective and his team of specialist legal investigators are all previous serving Detectives in the Western Australian Police Service. Their expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • Review of legal briefs
  • Evidence review
  • Information analysis
  • Witness interviews
  • Witness proofs
  • Taking of detailed statements
  • Problem solving
  • Defence strategic analysis
  • Trial preparation
  • Forensics
  • Surveillance
  • Asset identification

Our police experience, specialist investigative skills, and work ethic make Pace Henley Investigation Services an invaluable investigators for law firms who need work done on behalf of their clients. We represent various clients in many sectors including large and small businesses, corporate and government clients, and private individuals.

Legal investigations include gathering evidence in a wide range of matters including criminal, corporate, family, patent and deceased estate issues. Our corporate services are also extensive and include background checks into applicants, company security, worksite investigations, and more.

Pace Henley’s private investigators are fully licensed, highly skilled professionals who are completely ethical in their investigative methodology, and act with strict confidentiality at all times.

Find out more about Brad Pace, one of Perth’s leading Private Investigators.

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