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Brad Pace

Brad Pace | Director

For over 25 years, Brad has built a reputation as one of Perth’s leading investigators. He is the complete professional who prides himself on his work ethic and providing investigative excellence to his clients.

Brad has the expertise and experience you require to bring about a resolution to your problem. Brad will tailor his investigative strategy to meet your needs.

Brad’s clients are varied, and include the legal profession, corporate sector, major insurance companies, and government authorities. He is also often engaged by small businesses and everyday members of the public.

Brad resigned from the WA Police Service in 2001 at the rank of Detective Sergeant and has been a director of Pace Henley Investigations since 2004.

Brad holds a Diploma in Criminal Investigation and a Diploma in Fire Investigation. He served 15 years in the WA Police Service, 10 years of which he specialised in:

  • Homicide
  • Major Crime
  • Major Fraud
  • Arson

In addition to these areas, Brad’s experience includes organised crime investigation and forensic analysis. He has also managed numerous undercover, surveillance, and other covert operations.

Brad was an integral member of several of the highest profile major crime investigations in Western Australia some of which extended Australia-wide.

On many occasions, Brad gave evidence in both the District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia.

Throughout his career, Brad has had a close working association with many strategic partners including:

  • Criminal Defence Barristers & Solicitors
  • Pathologists
  • Forensic Experts (Inc. Blood & DNA)
  • Forensic Accounting Experts
  • Forensic Computer Experts

Brad’s specialist services include:

  • Criminal Defence
  • Family Law & Child Custody Disputes
  • Corporate Fraud/Theft
  • Workplace/Employee Fraud/Theft
  • Risk Management
  • Surveillance
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Workplace Grievances (Bullying/Harassment)
  • Missing Persons

Click here for details about the complete range of services provided by Brad and his team of specialist private investigators.


(Criminal Defence)

Since 2001, Brad has dedicated himself to specialist investigative work in the private sector and, for many years, has been engaged by leading Criminal Defence Barristers & Solicitors in Perth and country regions of Western Australia.

Brad’s expertise includes:

  • Prosecution Brief Review
  • Criminal Defence Strategic Analysis
  • Information Analysis
  • Proofing of Witnesses
  • Witness Interviews/Statements
  • Trial Preparation
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Forensics
  • Police Procedures
  • Court Procedures

Brad’s police experience, specialist investigative skills, and work ethic make him an invaluable member of any defence team.

Brad is committed to:

  • Professional, Personalised Service
  • Investigative Excellence
  • Lawful/Ethical Conduct
  • Reliability/Integrity
  • Discretion & Strict Confidentiality

Contact Brad at Pace Henley Investigations Services on (08) 9221 0260

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