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Employee Theft/Fraud Services, Perth

Pace Henley Investigators, specialists in employee fraud and theft.

Employee theft/fraud is not only a criminal offence; it is a violation of trust against you, the employer. If you suspect any fraud or theft, taking place at your business, you need to act. Pace Henley Investigation Services specialises in employee theft and fraud investigation services in Perth and Western Australia. Our Director Brad Pace is a former Detective Sergeant with the WA Police Service Major Fraud Investigation Unit.

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Discrete investigations

Prior to making your suspicions known or making direct accusations against someone for employee theft and or fraud, you must initiate a thorough investigation, establish the facts and gather evidence. If you fail to do this, consequences may include the employee initiating an unlawful dismissal claim against you.

An investigation will also act as a preventative measure against future possible thefts and employee fraud.

Confidential investigation

We will provide an independent, confidential investigation and meet all requirements including legislative. All our investigators are fully licensed, ethical in their methodology, and will carry out their duties with strict confidentiality, which is essential to today’s personal and business needs.

We will expedite all processes and resolve matters in a timely manner. At the completion of our investigation you will be provided with a comprehensive factual report.


In some instances you may want the police involved, or you may wish to deal with the matter internally. Often the police take excessive time to complete their investigation resulting in a negative impact on you and your business.

Our investigators are able to identify and collate all information and prepare a complete package for presentation to the police. We know what the police require to initiate and complete an expedient investigation. Our involvement brings matters to a conclusion in a far more efficient manner.

Our Investigation Methods

The method of theft or fraud investigation to be used is dependent on the specific nature of the employee theft or fraud. Pace Henley may conduct an overt investigation where all staff members are aware of the investigator’s presence and enquiry, or, if circumstances dictate, we may conduct a covert investigation, whereby the investigator’s presence is kept from the person or interest.


Surveillance is a highly effective method of detecting and providing evidence of:

  • Unlawful workplace activities such as theft/fraud
  • Unsafe workplace practices
  • Improper conduct such as sexual harassment
  • Inappropriate staff absenteeism

Our surveillance operatives are experts in their field and utilise state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

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Undercover Operatives

We have in our service private investigators that are police trained, experienced undercover specialists, who are available for a variety of covert workplace investigations.

You can rest assured that we will protect your interests and complete a professional investigation in a timely manner. We guarantee strict confidentiality and privacy. Enquire today to find out more.

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