Fees & Charges

Our rates are very competitive and Pace Henley provides you with a FREE 1 Hour (in person) initial consultation. Call Pace Henley to make an appointment.

We will then gain a detailed understanding of your matter/requirements & then provide you with a clear cost estimate & timescales involved.

Matters discussed remain completely confidential.

Private Matters – Investigation

We charge an hourly rate which is dependent on the specific nature of the investigation.

Private Matters – Surveillance

Surveillance fees vary and are dependent on a variety of factors including: * Location of surveillance * Time period of surveillance * Number of operatives required * Nature of surveillance We have a 3-hour minimum fee for surveillance matters.


Our fees and charges for insurance related work are governed by Insurance Industry standard rates.

Payment options

Instructions from legal firms, large Australian-based companies, and insurance companies are accepted without any form of pre-payment required.

For all other clients, including individual members of the public and small businesses, Pace Henley requires that 50% of the service estimate cost be deposited prior to inquiries commencing.

Payments by Credit Card

Pace Henley accepts credit card payments in person, by telephone, or email. Information required:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiry date (mm/yy)
  • CVV No. (last 3 digits on rear of card)
Electronic Funds Transfer or Direct Deposit

Contact us for details.

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